• Selai Homemade Karamel 120ml LESS SUGAR

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    Selai Karamel 120ml (Caramel Jam)

    Minimal order 2 botol untuk 1 alamat pengiriman (rasa boleh sama atau dicampur).
    Pemesanan 1 botol tidak akan diproses walaupun pembayaran sudah dilunasi.

    Minimal order 2 bottles for 1 shipment address (same or different flavors).
    Order for 1 bottle will not be processed eventhough the payment has been made.

    Made in small batches
    Ingredients: fresh cream, organic granulated sugar, butter, sea salt, spices.
    Silky smooth salted caramel sauce.
    120 ml

    We recommend:
    Before opening: keep the product away from heat and direct sunlight, better in refrigeration.
    After opening: keep in refrigeration is a must.