asnarupa guna

offers a wide variety of exquisite designed and handmade stationary goods.
All our goods appeal to your senses through an elegant way of combining carefully selected materials, applied techniques, used styles and a sophisticated palate of colors. We design and make all our goods for those of you with a keen eye for details as well as overall presentation.

Handmade goodness

All our goods are made with equally a design-minded approach and a deep commitment to handcrafting.

Close to home

All raw materials, whenever possible, are sourced close to our home.

Small crew by design

Staying focused on what we do best, allows us to keep a close eye on each step
of the production and it allows each of us to concentrate on our particular areas of expertise.

Made with love

We love the ability to take ideas from inspiration to design to production,and the whole process is the soul of our work. We blend classic techniques with modern mechanics to achieve the best possible treatment for each step of the production.

Tailor-made possibilities

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas and we will try to do our utmost best to craft it for you.

oma anna

serves you with the sunniest sweet jams made from fresh ingredients, whenever possible, close to our home.
Our jams; using 80% locally grown fresh fruit & juices; combined with unbleached cane sugar and organic exotic spices, are inspired by our grandmother’s secret recipes.  This is an exceptional deliciousness guaranteed to delight you. 

As for our personalisation service,
we are happy to design your own personal label on the bottle for your
special occasion (with minimum purchase of 50 bottles).

Experience its fresh scrumptious flavour on ice cream, bread, pancakes, as fillings and toppings and much more.

Pineapple & Clove
Strawberry & Cinnamon
Apple & Mint
Orange & Jasmine
Passionfruit Mango
Caramel Nutmeg
Chocolate Coffee


Guaranteed freshness as all made in small batches
Real fruit taste with fruit chunks
Less sugar
Warm & comforting


Refrigerate after opening and use clean utensil

We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our production.

We recognized that by integrating sound environmental practices into all aspects of our business, we can offer beautiful products of the highest quality whilst conserving and enhancing our resources.

From time to time, we do our best to seek for premium raw/recycled materials that are close to our home whenever possible, we recycle/repurpose 90% of our waste output, and we contribute to our community by donating/educating in the field of creative education for children.

At a minimum, we independently seek all practical and economically feasible opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of products, processes and facilities.